What does it cost?
PAS Membership is at “No Cost” to the member. At no time during your membership will you receive an invoice from PAS.
How can you not charge for your service?
Like all GPOs, PAS receives a small fee from the vendors and supplies in the PAS Supplier Network.
Will your fee from vendors and suppliers increase costs to me?
Not at all. Our program starts with the first two principles of Supply Chain Management – Vendor reduction and aggregation. By pushing spend volume through select vendors, PAS members are able to purchase at deeply discounted pricing and the supplier increases total sales through increased volume. PAS is paid by the supplier or vendor on the increased revenue.
What can i really expect to save?

Although every program is unique, the AVERAGE PAS member saves $50 per unit per year. A break down by spend category is as follows:

  • 5% Major Appliances
  • 5% Maintenance Supplies
  • 20% Office Supplies
  • 15% Paint
  • 10% Pool Chemicals and Supplies
  • 3% Standardization
  • 7% Flooring
  • 10% Window Coverings
  • 3% Pricing Consistency

For a Management Company with 5,000 units – this represents $264,500 or 14.30% in savings.

Why use a 3rd party provider?

Utilizing PAS drives can down downs in 3 ways – lowered purchase price, reduced payroll cost and increased productivity.

  • Lowered Purchase Price – PAS audits, reviews and develops a custom purchasing program designed specifically to meet the goals of your management company. Our experience, vendor relationships and membership purchasing volume drive down total costs to your organization.
  • Reduced payroll – Many management companies do not have a dedicated employee(s) to manage vendor contracts and effectively manage a successful purchasing program. PAS membership allows your organization to have the benefits and savings derived from a best of breed purchasing program without the additional payroll cost associated with a dedicated department or employee.
  • Increased Productivity – By utilizing the experienced staff at PAS to manage your purchasing program, your staff is able to focus on core responsibilities and objectives increasing revenues and resident retention.
We already have an in house purchasing program, why would we want to be members?
Many PAS members have employees dedicated to purchasing. PAS works along side them to assist in analysis, implementation, training, compliance and provides detailed monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.
Do properties order through pas?
No. PAS has negotiated terms and pricing directly with the suppliers in the PAS Supplier Network on your behalf. All purchases are made directly with the supplier or vendor – just as you’ve always done via sales rep, phone, fax or online. Your account is associated with a master number within each “in program” vendor or supplier for identification and reporting purposes.
What if there is an issue with a vendor in the pas supplier network?
Let the staff at PAS handle it for you. Why spend your time researching and on the phone to get an issue resolved? With one call or email to your dedicated account manager you can focus on your core responsibilities and we will work on your behalf and let you know when the issue is resolved.
Will pas membership remain with properties that have sold or changed management?

No – unlike other GPOs and purchasing programs the membership agreement resides with the Owner/Management group and only involves properties currently owned or managed. Acquire a new property – PAS will set up all accounts and provide your staff with the account numbers and provide education on the PAS program. Dispose of a property – PAS will close all in network accounts and disassociate the property from membership. It’s that easy. Membership will never encumber a sale or disposition of your assets.