Sheila Malynowski

Preservation Management has found the monthly purchasing reports to be extremely helpful in tracking purchases at each of our over 75 properties. This allows us to monitor types and frequency of supplies and to compare use from one property to the next. We have found these reports to be a very valuable management tool.

Robert Smith

I wanted to let you know the positive items that come to mind when I think of the relationship between PAS and Sunchase American:

I appreciate the willingness of PAS to take above and beyond measures to train the on site personnel to assist Sunchase with compliance of the program

Whenever there is a struggle with any vendor relationship, PAS is very willing to get involved for a mutually agreed upon resolution.

Most of all, I appreciate the time and efforts Melissa and Leslie take to keep us informed of opportunities and successes in the program. They are willing to assist in any manner and both are very enjoyable to work with!

Wanda Norrick

I look at PAS as a member of our management team due to the value our partnership with them brings to our group. Things like quick set up and credit issues assistance are important to our group, however the savings they are able to generate for us are even more important in these economic times. They are always willing to help find vendors in some of our smaller markets and due to all of these things are a great asset to our group.

Bob Myers

As the person in our office who coordinates the vendor account set-up for our company, PAS has made this as easy as it can get. One form emailed to PAS and our designated vendors have accounts set-up and the account numbers are emailed back to me usually within 24 hours. It can’t get any easier.

Shirlee Paradis

I have had the pleasure of working with Sue, and recently Ashley, through the PAS program for 5 years now. In the property management industry everything moves so quickly and there are a lot of details to cover. Having Sue handle all the account set up is such a huge time saver and relief, and adds such efficiency to all of our processes. Sue and Ashley have excellent communication with us from day one and have been nothing but willing to accommodate any of our reporting needs, set up needs, manager meeting needs – you name it. I, for one, could not imagine doing a takeover without them there. …The PAS program itself has added great ancillary income to our sites and it becomes an exciting sense of “who can save the most” among my competitive site managers. It’s an exiciting program and is a “no-brainer” when it comes to the amount of spending we must do to manage our properties. We are making money when spending money…it doesn’t get better than that….Thank you Sue and Ashley!