Facilities Maintenance

Hidden within the cost of maintenance supplies is Facilities Maintenance (Janitorial). More often than not, properties purchase cleaners, solvents, paper goods, trash bags and a host of Facilities Maintenance products from their MRO supplier or specialty Jan/San source.

MRO suppliers generally sell household grade, value priced cleaners and solvents that are ineffective and paper goods at a high profit margins. Specialty Jan/San suppliers have high quality industrial grade cleaners, solvents and paper goods but also maintain high margins and have restrictive ordering (large case/pack quantities) and freight policies (high minimum order or added freight costs).

The PAS Facilities Maintenance program provides high quality, industrial grade cleaning products, paper goods, trash bags and a complete line of janitorial products at savings as much as 30% less than the household grade products offered by MRO providers and without the restrictive ordering and freight policies of the specialty Jan/San suppliers.