Typically, flooring represents one of the highest spend and least managed purchasing categories in the multifamily industry.

Carpet is sold in face weights ranging from 15 – 80 oz. and woven from various fibers (Nylon, PET, PTT, Triexta). Each is designed for specific purposes and has both advantages and disadvantages.

Pad is offered in multiple thicknesses and weights. The type of pad selected will affect how the carpet looks, wears and how comfortable it is to walk on.

Vinyl comes in many forms (tile, sheet, and planking). All have benefits and drawbacks and are sold at wide ranging price points.

PAS has been crafting flooring programs for over 20 years, helping our members receive the best value for their flooring budget by pairing the right carpet (face weight and fiber), pad and hard surface product to the asset type, resident demographic and long term goals of the owner/management group.