There is strength in numbers… Like Flooring – MRO purchases constitute a significant portion of annual purchases and is often the least managed portion of any purchasing program. Unlike other GPO’s, PAS Purchasing Solutions limits the vendors in this category to achieve economies of scale through aggregation. The result is PAS members are the single largest buying group to our MRO providers. This results in industry leading pricing, product availability and service.

PAS is the leader in Supply Chain Management. Purchasing the RIGHT products from the RIGHT supplier will not only drive down point of purchase costs, it will also reduce “Call Backs” and improve resident retention.

  • Audit – a thorough audit and analysis of current spend is conducted using property specific data
  • Comparison – PAS compares your current spend to “In Program” spend on identical products
  • Standardization – PAS reviews your purchases and provides proven product alternatives to meet the needs of each asset type
  • Results/Selection – Upon completion, PAS presents you with the results. Whether you choose to allow each site to select the products that they prefer, portfolio wide standardization or anything in between, the staff at PAS works with you to accomplish your goals.

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