Student Housing

Student Housing is a lot like traditional multifamily in many ways with one very large exception. Conventional apartments have the luxury of spacing out turnovers throughout the year. Student housing turns occur in a span of just two or three weeks. In addition, about 60 percent of the units in student housing turn over at the end of July and approximately the same amount move in early August. The process is a huge challenge to say the least.


PAS takes care of product recommendation and vendor negotiation for you. PAS works directly with you to determine your strategic goals and objectives. We work with your team to design a customized turns program, provide property staff program training, work with your vendors to ensure adherence and monitor the process from start to finish. Not only do you get the advantage of the PAS Purchasing Program – but PAS has developed a purchasing technology platform to give you complete visibility into the entire Student Housing Turns process.

KWIKTURNS by PAS is an electronic purchasing platform designed specifically for the Student Housing market to aid with Student Housing Turns.

KWIKTURNS is Student Housing’s single source for online catalog ordering of all on-site product and service purchases. Its consumer inspired, easy-to-use navigation allows users to effectively browse and search among multiple vendor catalogs within your organization’s approved supplier network with pre-negotiated prices. KWIKTURNS streamlines on-site ordering into your electronic purchase-to-pay cycle providing faster, more efficient processing while offering visibility into purchasing and controls to contain costs.

One Centralized, Controlled, Integrated, Electronic Catalog Ordering System

To fit your unique business requirements, all purchasing data from the KWIKTURNS interface seamlessly. KWIKTURNS enables sophisticated workflow for approval processing and POs are subsequently emailed or submitted electronically to suppliers for processing.

Overview of Benefits to Using KWIKTURNS for Your On-site Ordering System:

  • One central source for effective searching for items across multiple management or property specific catalogs
  • Allows for price comparisons across all supplier catalogs
  • Controls spending by restricting the variety of items that are available to purchase
  • Drives compliance to use preferred vendors and consolidate spend on individual vendors to drive greater savings
  • Provides reporting to support bulk discounts and/or high volume pricing negotiations
  • Ability to set item default GL code assignments for even faster AP processing
  • Access to most current item assortment and prices
  • Supplier Punchout Compatible
  • Data is integrated with NexusPayables (if desired) eliminating dual entry
  • Control of the purchases before they occur by defining an approval process
  • Robust searching and navigation tools inspired by industry-leading online shopping venues
  • Ability to save “Favorite” items for faster ordering
  • Detailed reporting of items purchased, including non-compliant purchases